Client Love

Completely life changing. This retreat was everything I hoped for and so much more. It was planned with so much love and attention to detail. I wish I could do it again and I again. Such a great experience!
Camila Binks
This is a unique experience you will not find anywhere else. I truly believe the team here does this simply because they want to help people. Park City is absolutely gorgeous, as is the home you stay in. The daily activities are mindful and carefully curated to give you a wide variety of experiences that allow one to find their own path to wellness. I can not thank Sherry, Sandy, and the rest of the team at Red House for what they did for me. You cannot go wrong booking this retreat.
Bill Chapman
Red house Wellness
It has been numerous months since my week long retreat at RHW and there are still radiance of what I have received there in term of learning, embracing life, acceptance and general wellness. RHW is a beautiful place to find calm, beauty, welcoming guides, calm and professionalism.
All events, yoga, méditation, communication, wellness sessions unfolded in a natural rhythm and they were logically presented in order for the participants to grow, and find inner peace and goals.
Physically, Red House is magnificent house filled with exquisite Mexican art. Each room are comfortable with high quality bedding and large windows facing the mountains.
The well equipped yoga room offers the chance to do arial yoga. In addition to the daily yoga class, others interesting events also took place in that studio.
Every meals are cooked by a professional chef who will prepare the food taking note of your individual needs and food intolerance.
Before supper time, we were able to enjoy some individual time for either going into the sauna, the hot pool, using the yoga room, wonder in the nice city of Parkville, etc….
In addition of this unique service, Sherri fallows your retreat for another 6 months by sending reminders to keep the practice, by adding some yoga classes on line and she is staying available for further communication.
I sincerely believe that RHW is one of the highest quality overall retreat you may experience. It is a gift for life.
elaine Champigny
I was lost in my personal and professional life-I gifted myself “the recharge I knew I needed to be my BEST”.
After researching several websites, I reached out to The Red House Wellness, Sherri was amazing, right from the start, responding from my first question via phone and text, ALWAYS understanding! I appreciated the time she took and her understanding of the work I had ahead of me.
I had challenge’s just getting there, flight cancellation, pulling a muscle in my calf, finding a room last minute near the airport. I communicated with Sherri, she was great, her understanding, encouraging me with her calming voice, I knew everything was going to work out!
Finally, arriving at The Red House Wellness, Sherri’s energy, her warm welcoming hugs. The beautiful surroundings, warm welcoming home, my fabulous room for the week with an amazing view and balcony! Feeling very comfortable everything was exactly and more from the website and calls/text.
After getting settled, meeting the guest and team, feeling a little awkward being a day late, but within minutes, feeling welcomed and a part of the group!
Sherri is amazing, her well planned activities, daily meditations, breathing practice, working on our inner self, one on one experience, the outdoor activities working with each of us with our experience levels, much more than I expected.
I personally loved the yoga experience with the wild rescue mustang’s, the sound bath experience was amazing, aerial yoga relaxing, paddle boarding was so much fun, lots of laughter! Yoga on the water is so powerful! Indoor daily yoga! Outdoor hikes-really challenging myself, outdoor meditation-amazing and powerful! Jacuzzi very welcoming after challenging your body and mind!
I also loved working with Sandy and Liz, both are amazing, always available, listening and providing guidance, encouragements, and tools.
Demetrio-our Chef, again, another amazing team member! Our daily meals, over the top with flavors, beautiful colors, and presentation! His thoughtfulness and attention to anyone’s special requirements. He is an amazing chef! Sherri explains the benefits, the body and mind receive from fasting and clean eating.
Sherri and her team, provides workable tools to incorporate into our daily routines, to become your better self, to be your best, to live life to your fullest, finding true balance, mentally-physically-emotionally and spiritually.
Sherri is truly gifted and will give you the tools to find your inner self power and passions.
As promised, each week she sends out the 6 week follow up with great information and encouragements. She is available with any questions or concerns.
I can go on and on about the good things, The Red House Wellness team gives to each guest.
Gift yourself the best gift you can give yourself, find your true passion and empower yourself!!
Anna Stone
Attended July 2022 Retreat. It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am for the Redhouse team and this experience. Every detail was well planned and executed to give every participant exactly what they needed. Sherri, Sandy, and Liz welcomed us into their homes like family and made sure we got the most from our week. Our personal chef Demetrio prepared meals for us that were on a whole other level and you could feel the love and passion in everything he made! This week is not the relaxing spa getaway you may be searching for, but if you’re looking for something that will push you mentally, physically, spiritually, and make you think about how you live your life, book it and never look back. Through meditation, reflection, mini seminars, group activities, hiking, yoga, paddle boarding, personal assistance, and so much more, you will learn about yourself and your passions, and leave there with a new outlook on everything. You will receive healthy eating recommendations, plans you can easily implement and a renewed zest for life. The living space is impeccable and cozy, the accommodations leave you longing for nothing, and if you do need something the team will go out of their way to get it for you. No matter your age, level of physical ability, stage of your life, this week is for you. Make or female, book this and put it all in the Redhouse teams hands and you will not regret it.
Janna Blankenship
It was a wonderful getaway to disconnect to be in nature and experience a variety of fun activities. The hosts are warm, enthusiastic, and made me feel like it was my home for the week. Private chef prepares all the meals which are both healthy and delicious. The accommodations at the home are amazing! There is a Jacuzzi, Sauna, Gym, and Yoga Room. It is in a prime location that is walking distance to Main Street.
Nishel Badiani
The majestic mountains and fresh healthy cuisine elevates your soul. Sherri’s compassion and love for yoga, exercise, hiking, meditation and healthy eating is contagious. My husband and I enjoyed doing it all! The private well appointed, bedroom was greatly appreciated, as well as the warm welcoming company. This getaway retreat comes highly recommended. Namaste
Jeanne Placido
I came to Red House Wellness because my friend invited me, I had told her it didn’t sound like my cup of tea. Well I gotta tell you it was the most amazing week. Sherri, Liz and Sandra were all amazing, inspiring and giving me that little push I’ve needed for awhile. I did things (Yoga) that I’ve never done before and it has been life changing for me. The meals were all healthy and very good. I highly recommend giving it a try, you won’t be disappointed.
Karen Aoyagi
What an amazing experience I had at Red House Wellness. From the first phone call the day I left I felt welcomed and loved by the team. Sherri, Sandra and Liz went way out of their way to make this most well rounded trip and experience anyone could ever wish for. Sherri made it point to take my phone call right away and was not pushy in no way shape or form. She is passionate about helping people and wants to see them transformed by her giving at the retreat. They thought of everything. The house is incredible and beautiful and super clean. The food was amazing and I had no expectations for that and I was super happy how well they thought of everyone’s needs. I went in with so many allergies, I thought this may be a problem for me, and it was so not a problem. I felt so taken care of in every aspect. I completely recommend this place if you are looking to be transformed and well taken care of. I can not say enough good things about this place and the people who run it, please do yourself a favor and go, you will not regret it. Sincerely, Joan
Joan Bartlett
Sherri and Sandy were FANTASTIC!!!! They led our company ReShape in an hour long session. Not only was it bodywork but it was spiritual and mental wellness and clarity that we received in one hour. We all loved it!! Thank you Sherri and Sandy!!!!
Sandy Cevallos
Red House Wellness was just what I needed. I found everything to be very professional and well organized. Sherri, Sandy and Liz put so much detail into everything: delicious gourmet meals; lavish accommodations; yoga & meditation and daily sessions with experts. Your stay at RHW will leave you feeling empowered and equipped with the tools to become a better you. I went for a girls’ trip with a friend and got so much more than that. Sherri, the director, has a huge heart and her passion is to help you heal, find your own passion, and to help others. What a better world this would be if we could all get out of our heads and into our hearts. Grateful for the life changing experience, the mental and physical challenges, the new and precious friendships made and the tools to make my passion a reality. Forever grateful for Sherri and the team at Red House Wellness. Don’t miss out! Book now!
Kimberly McDaniel
When I arrived at Red House Wellness, I was warmly welcomed by Sherri and embraced in a hug. Sherri encouraged me to unpack and settle into my home for the week, then offered to take my suitcase. The team consisted of Sherri, Liz and Sandy. They were each encouraging, supportive, understanding, and accomodating during our stay and generous with their hugs. If we forgot to pack anything, there were extra items available to make sure we were comfortable.
Demetrio, the chef, prepared amazing plant-based food and was attentive to food allergies, food dislikes, and dietitary needs. I tried food I have not tried before. I was excited that the recipes of our meals were shared with us to try at home.
I tried intermittent fasting for the and was impressed that I was able to do it. The harder part was changing my choice of caffeine to be consistent. I came with an open mind to do my best to stick with the plan for the week. Every part of the week was intentional. The schedule included a variety of activites such as various forms of yoga, daily meditations, outside walks or hikes, a sound bath, a breathing presentation and practice, visiting the wild mustang Sanctuary, and more. I got some much more out of the week than I expected.
I made some amazing new friends, and we have been engaged in a group chat since we left. The team joins in as well. I love the continued support after our stay to help us continue the healthy habits we learned now that we are at home. I was excited to learn another follow up retreat is in planning stages.
Theresa Grimm
Red House Wellness is a great way to reset and rejuvenate! The week was filled with learning, growth, and physical activity – all meant to expand your mental and physical horizons. The leaders (Sheri, Liz, and Sandy) are deeply knowledgeable and committed to share that knowledge with every guest. The unique thing about this team is the PASSION they bring to the retreat – providing a shining example of how to LIVE YOUR PASSION!
Diane Nelsen
My experience at Red House Wellness was so much more than I could have imagined! The accommodations are stunning, luxurious and cozy and the gourmet meals are healthy AND delicious! The Red House Wellness team is amazing and their program helped everyone in our group feel safe to share and grow in ways that were life changing for each of us. Each day was filled with activities that allowed us meaningful opportunities for personal growth, as well as time for relaxation and recovery. We created life long bonds while there, with other amazing women. And, we all left with a sense of clarity, confidence and a greater understanding of our individual purpose. I wish that every woman I know had the opportunity to go to Red House.
Terrill Martinez
My experience at the Red House Wellness resort was so enriching and truly life changing. The four pillars created the insightful perspective and life roadmap that I had been looking for to work on being my best self. The guest rooms feel like a 5-star resort and the meals are delicious and enriching. I cannot express how amazing I felt at the end of the week and Sherri, Sandra, and Liz are such supportive, kind, and loving women! if you are at the point in your life where you want to work on your physical self, spirituality, and mental health then head to the Red House 🙂
Beth Zimmerman
Best retreat ever!!! Definitely worth your money, time, and energy. This place is full of love and growth. So thankful to the wonderful people I’ve met and thankful for all I’ve learned 💜
Lucki Pupper
A Red House Wellness yoga retreat is an amazing experience. I came for the yoga and left with so much more. The team introduced me to aerial yoga as part of the twice daily yoga practice. The team gives each participant individualized attention and care to help us advance in living the four pillars: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The setting is absolutely beautiful and adds greatly to the experience. We visited with rescue horses and enjoyed an excellent crystal bowl sound bath. I highly recommend Well House Wellness.
Janet Pariza
The importance of staying physically, mentally and spiritually healthy in these difficult times for the world. thank you red house wellnes for contributing towards the betterment of human beings.
Fernando castillo cruz
“I enjoyed my time at Redhouse Wellness 100% of the time! The fun activities and time shared with likeminded people is money well spent. This was my first time visiting Park City Utah and the retreat at Redhouse Wellness was located in a prime location! Looking out my bedroom window and taking in all the beautiful scenery every morning was incredible! Sherri and the rest of her team did a spectacular job with attention to detail in order to make this truly an amazing human experience. I left Redhouse Wellness with the tools I needed to be successful in my own life. I also know that if any challenges were to come up in the future they would be happy to take my phone call and be that supportive community that so many of us are looking for and not everyone has. Thank you Red House Wellness!
Annalise C
I arrived at Redhouse feeling depleted and hopeless. Several events in my life resulted in a loss of self-esteem and lack of direction. When I started to look for somewhere to go to get away and hopefully regenerate, Redhouse just kept piquing my interest and I kept coming back to their website over and over. I work in corrections, so yoga and mindfulness were not exactly within my realm for the most part and I was a bit skeptical of going to such a “fluffy” program. The very minute I walked into the house, I immediately felt the most relaxed and open that I have ever felt. I have never felt as comfortable in a place as quickly as I did at Redhouse. I knew I was in the right place. Sherri, Liz, Sandra, and Melissa are AMAZING! They are so patient, accepting, open, …the list could go on and on. They encourage growth without pushing too hard. They provide guidance without criticism and judgment. They’re accepting and understanding of your limits and provide opportunities for you to discover yourself and your strengths at your own pace. The four pillars approach is thorough and hit every area where I needed to take a hard look at myself and my life. I came away from the week feeling energized and hopeful again. Aside from the emotional and mental strength and clarity, the home is incredibly comfortable and the food was fantastic! I highly recommend this program for anyone! I will return to do the program again!
Kimberly K
“I just returned back home from 6 nights at Red House Wellness. My experience there was amazing and truly transformative. It was an intimate group of just 6 people and the Red House Wellness team. The accommodations were superb! Once we arrived we received our rooms and then it all began. Daily yoga, hikes, mental & spiritual workshops. We also enjoyed the jacuzzi and sauna regularly. The plant based diet and fasting was all great! I went with a friend and made some new ones there. I left physically and mentally lighter. We also went home with new life skills to implement into our everyday life. They are also following up with us for 6 additional weeks. I would highly recommend Red House Wellness and the team! Sherri, Liz & Rebecca are truly amazing and very inspirational!
Laura S.J.
“After many weeks of crazy work and stress due to COVID, I found this retreat as an escape and reset to my world. I have NEVER done anything like this before. I had no expectations or comparisons. It was exactly what I needed. Each day included yoga twice a day (morning and evening), meditation, hikes, plant based meals, jacuzzi and sauna sessions and a lot of learning. The house is beautiful, with incredibles views. Everything was clean, comfortable and accessible. The team made me feel at home and completely calm/relaxed. They genuinely care about your experience with them as well as care about you, your well being, your purpose and your comfort. If you need some time away to recharge and reset, this is worth every penny.”
Debbie P
“Hi! I had a great experience in Red House Wellness LCC last week. We were time enough to make change in our life with all the program they had for us. The team was amazing especially the owner Sherrie Lukac did her best. The house is very clean. Food is prepared with love. I flew all way from Mexico and I will do it again.”
Eva M
“Fantastic week of healthy living, motivating activities, introspection, and friendship! I look forward to returning next year!!”
Camille B
“The week I spent at the Red House Wellness was life changing for me. The staff was well informed with all different types of information about meditation, the benefits of 12 hr. fasting, guided meditation, different styles of yoga and breath work that can help you change your mindset from negative to positive. We ate all plant based foods all week which were packed with nutrition and so delicious. We did a workshops on what are passions in life and how to retrain your thinking mind to all positive thoughts. The staff was so supportive of us reach our full potential and get the very most out of our time there. I would definitely recommend taking this journey to get to know yourself and stand in your truth of who are a meant to be. We all have the potential and this team will help you find it! Lots of admiration for the intention that was put into this program. So much love and compassion! Thank you Team Red House for pushing me to my greatness.”
Laura C
“Best decision I’ve made in a long time! My time at Red House Wellness was packed with amazing activities: yoga, healthy food, jacuzzi & sauna and amazing hikes in the beautiful mountains of park city. Not to mention, I made amazing friends for life! I’d highly recommend it to anyone who’s considering.”
Melissa T
The most amazing experience!! I have never been on a retreat before and felt totally comfortable!! I learned sooooo much and had fun!!!! This house is super clean and comfortable !! It was fun to take a spa and jacuzzi !! And sit by the fireplace inside and out for meditation!! The leaders were organized and highly trained!! I would encourage anyone who is looking for some soul searching!!
Sara L
Wow—what Sherri and the Red House team have put together is a week that will kickstart your transformation into who you want to become. Coming out of quarantine I felt anxious, lethargic, and without direction. After a week at Redhouse I feel energized, motivated and clear. The four pillars focus on all aspects of your being, and it was everything I needed and more to find balance and believe in my capacity as a unique being. Redhouse will welcome you, love you, challenge you, and provide you with the tools to succeed at and after your stay.
Kendra W
I had such a wonderful week at Red House Wellness! Sherri, Liz, Melissa, and Sandra were all such great hosts, who put so much love and energy into the details of the retreat.
Each day was filled with hot power yoga, nutritious food, beautiful hikes, and talks/workshops on living with intention. We even did a day of silence and a 24-hour fast which I really enjoyed. I learned so much about what it means for me personally to live the life I desire.
I loved the hot tub and sauna, and really appreciated the flexibility of the hosts. We did have a planned schedule each day, but Sherri always considered the needs and desires of the group and was willing to changes things as needed.
Thank you Red House Wellness!
Lexington M
My experience with Red House Wellness LLC was wonderful and was just what I needed. The retreat focused on physical health, mental strength, emotional intelligence and spirituality. The week was well-planned and presentations/discussions on happiness, passions, and purpose were thought-provoking and insightful. The team (Sherri, Liz, Melissa and Sandra) was solid and focused. Red House Wellness LLC provided experiences and tools I will incorporate into my daily routine. I am glad I made the decision to invest in myself.
Kate A
I had an amazing experience at Red House Wellness. The team was incredibly skilled and professional. They planned every detail to perfection. Even as a yoga instructor myself, I returned home with many new skills to implement. What I especially liked about the retreat was the day of silence. My other favorite part was the Yoga Nidra ( relaxing, mindful yoga) by Sandra. These were my favorite parts, but truly every part was amazing! Sherri, the owner, was so inspirational. I also loved that the staff will keep in touch with the participants for 6 weeks (and beyond if we wish!), sharing videotapes, notes, and material. They want to make sure all the participants carry what they learned into their lives. This was truly a transformational retreat! Thank you, Sherri, for bringing your gift of healing to Park City. PS – the food was amazing too.
Susan F
I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when I came to Red House Wellness. I arrived spiritually and mentally broken. I felt I was out of shape and out of options. I felt low energy, self esteem and little respect for how I was living, in fact I wasn’t living at all- I was just existing without any healthy tools for coping with life’s daily struggles.
I am leaving here today and I am compelled to share my experience as others may feel like I did. From the moment I walked in to Red House, I felt completely welcome. I felt I could be open about my issues, habits and my past. I learned meditation and how to be present. I learned aerial yoga which I’ve never heard of but loved! I learned how to love and respect myself which I never have at 46 years old. I learned not to be judgmental and to let others be as they are. I feel great physically! The food here was amazing! Everything we had was clean, healthy and anti-inflammatory. They’re sending me home with a recipe book so I can cook healthier for my family. I’m leaving here with the tools I needed to cope with and find peace in my busy life back home as a father, companion and business owner. Sherri and her whole staff are life changing, mind blowing, understanding, loving, compassionate and very close to my heart. I shed tears of joy as I feel I got my life back. Lastly I’ll say I learned that happiness is a choice and for me it is right now!
Eddie Z
The importance of staying physically, mentally and spiritually healthy in these difficult times for the world. thank you Red House Wellness for contributing towards the betterment of human beings.
Fernando C
My experience at the Red House Wellness resort was so enriching and truly life changing. The four pillars created the insightful perspective and life roadmap that I had been looking for to work on being my best self. The guest rooms feel like a 5-star resort and the meals are delicious and enriching. I cannot express how amazing I felt at the end of the week and Sherri, Sandra, and Liz are such supportive, kind, and loving women! if you are at the point in your life where you want to work on your physical self, spirituality, and mental health then head to the Red House 🙂
Beth Z
Sherri and the whole Red House Wellness group have a magical energy and presence to them. Their space is beautiful, intentional, and they support the well-being of people in such a loving way. 10/10
Brandon S
I called The Red House to see if they had flexibility in their schedule. I had obligations the first two days of the program and Sherry worked with me to accommodate. I arrived Sunday and had to leave all day Monday and Tuesday. It was nice when I was fully present and could just sink in to the program. It was exactly what I needed coming off a year of therapy revealing a lot of unresolved issues in my life.
It was a very intimate and close group with only three clients (covid cancellations made it smaller) all having similar issues with our moms and on our own journey looking for answers. We bonded pretty quickly yet had our own space. Red House Wellness complimented and lifted my spiritual journey to a new level. Made me ask deep questions, peel back the onion layers and got me closer to finding my passion asking how do I want to present myself to the world. We had a fantastic presentation on understanding what happiness truly is which was a total “aha’ moment for me. Another few notable mentions introduced to DavidJi’s mediations, moon rising yoga with wild horses, energy and sound bath session and the day of silence which I LOVED! The yummy plant based meals were beautifully scheduled in, social and we focused on nutrients for our body and enjoying our meals. I left inspired, focused, relaxed and physically and mentally lighter with so much more love, knowledge and tools. Sherri gave me a beautiful talk before I left on Saturday. I felt like I could conquer the world and it was ok if I didn’t have all the answers or a date in my head…I was feeling on top of the world and more prepared for how I want to show up in the world! I left appreciating the love and offerings RHW gave me. A warmer appreciation of people’s generosity in the world. My experience there was amazing and truly transformative. I came home and the spirits opened doors for me guiding me on my journey. I was getting signs affirming my drama was on track and to keep following my heart. It’s been eight weeks and I am passionately following my heart. I am taking a course on inner confidence and joined another weekly group program supporting living your best life. I decided I want to be surrounded by like minded people to keep me lifted and to inspire others while on my journey. I would highly recommend Red House Wellness. People come in our lives for a reason and the guidance I had the week I was there in September supported me to look inward in new ways. Enjoy the journey with RHW; the true authentic you knows the answer…listen to the whispers of the universe and follow your heart to the right retreat.
Dawn L
I don’t even know where to begin…. Sherri, Sandy and Liz are one of the most amazing people I have ever met. From the moment they greet you, you are surrounded by love and happiness. They are truly here to help you ascend to your greater self and dig deep down to find your truest intentions for coming here. From day one they created a safe space to feel vulnerable and ready to share with the rest of the guests. I love the intimacy of this retreat because you get to know everyone on a deeper level than you expect and leave feeling like a forever family ❤️ For me this retreat had it all: regular & aerial yoga, sound bath, meditation, workshops on the 4 pillars, intermittent fasting, plant based food, hike, day of noble silence, jacuzzi, sauna, gym, BEAUTIFUL ART….. need I say more?!? Shout out to the sweetest chef, Demetrio, who puts all his TLC in the food and you can taste how exquisite and savory it is!! I am blessed to have experienced this beautiful family and I can’t wait for RED HOUSE TWO!!!

Love you guys

PS – be ready to leave here lighter and wiser!

Daniela P
A Red House Wellness yoga retreat is an amazing experience. I came for the yoga and left with so much more. The team introduced me to aerial yoga as part of the twice daily yoga practice. The team gives each participant individualized attention and care to help us advance in living the four pillars: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The setting is absolutely beautiful and adds greatly to the experience. We visited with rescue horses and enjoyed an excellent crystal bowl sound bath. I highly recommend Well House Wellness.
Janet P
You deserve this!!!
What a magnificent journey, of finding peace, giving self-love, and finding tenderness from within, all with the support and encouragement from an incredible group of ladies, to Sherri, Liz, Sandra and the incredible Red House staff. During this journey, you will find yourself immersed in mindful experiences, physical sensation, and calm, right from the moment you step in the Door. This is the place you were meant to be.
Take the next step in your Journey.
Let Your Light Shine.
Kelly Blong Pelletier
I never knew a wellness retreat even existed. Life can be hard and the chaos of the world can ring in our heads and take up unwelcomed space. I had finally had enough of the noise and decided I needed to go on a trip by myself. I searched through different sites that had retreats and found Red House Wellness. Reading the description called to my soul and I knew I needed to go there. I spoke with Sherri before booking and immediately confirmed my feelings. I sent the deposit as soon as we hung up.
Getting to Red House Wellness, I felt peace as soon as I walked through the door. Sherri is a ray of sunshine and full of positive energy. I felt so welcomed and at home.
The daily activities keeps you busy. Each day is based upon the four pillars; emotional, spiritual, physical and mental. Sherri, Sandy, and Liz are extremely helpful in teaching and helping you learn insightful things to grow in yourself. I have never experienced the type of self love I found from being there.
The plant based food is amazing. The meals were always beautifully prepared and tasted delicious.
I will forever be grateful for the time I spent there and the friendships I gained.
Amarisa Luttin

“Come to Red House Wellness to explore new and different experiences that will enhance your life. Whatever your goals are, be open to stepping out of your comfort zone to turn your intentions into reality!”

“Come to Red House Wellness to explore new and different experiences that will enhance your life. Whatever your goals are, be open to stepping out of your comfort zone to turn your intentions into reality!”