Red House Wellness:  a unique retreat experience.

At Red House Wellness, you will experience a week unlike any other in your life. A week to explore your life’s potential in an intimate and safe place. Sherri Lukac, founder of Red House Wellness, believes the key to success is to optimize the quality of your energy. You need to take actionable, powerful steps and develop empowering habits. The integration of stability and adaptability of the mind and body is what gives you the flexibility to thrive. Expand your resilience by cultivating a dynamic physical and mental connection.

At Red House Wellness, you will be inspired to find the tools and techniques to liberate yourself from the weight of the past and the fear and doubt of the future. Through self care, you will learn to redirect your thoughts and feelings towards actions that support your goals and dreams. Our team will help you access your unique life’s potential and discover a vision of wellness that works for you.

Our mission at Red House Wellness is to discover your full body health and personal empowerment.
We seek to inspire a life changing environment so you are able to rise to your fullest potential.

Intentionally designed to provide each guest with the experience of belonging, Red House Wellness is nestled amongst the majestic Wasatch Mountains, in the town of Park City, Utah. With panoramic views, infused with art and creativity, Red House Wellness is equipped with an infrared-heated yoga studio, jacuzzi, sauna and fitness area. Guests will find space for quiet meditation, stillness and inspiration.

Our purpose is to deliver a transformational week-long program where you will experience personal success, become more resilient and leave with a new perspective on life. With our six-week follow-up program you will continue to use your empowering habits that will extend into everyday life.

“I just returned back home from 6 nights at Red House Wellness. My experience there was amazing and truly transformative. It was an intimate group of just 6 people and the Red House Wellness team. The accommodations were superb! Once we arrived we received our rooms and then it all began. Daily yoga, hikes, mental & spiritual workshops. We also enjoyed the jacuzzi and sauna regularly. The plant based diet and fasting was all great! I went with a friend and made some new ones there. I left physically and mentally lighter. We also went home with new life skills to implement into our everyday life. They are also following up with us for 6 additional weeks. I would highly recommend Red House Wellness and the team! Sherri, Liz & Rebecca are truly amazing and very inspirational!
“Best decision I’ve made in a long time! My time at Red House Wellness was packed with amazing activities: yoga, healthy food, jacuzzi & sauna and amazing hikes in the beautiful mountains of park city. Not to mention, I made amazing friends for life! I’d highly recommend it to anyone who’s considering.”
What to Expect

Power, aerial and restorative yoga; yoga nidra; meditation, noble silence, plant-based eating with intermittent fasting; journaling, and inquiry will leave you with a whole-body restoration and a clear focus.

What am I going to get out of this?

When your energy is fresh and renewed at every level, you will always have enough. Here at Red House Wellness, our holistic approach utilizes the 4 Pillars to help you to rebound spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically to live your life to the fullest.

Plan Your Stay
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4 Icons

“LOOK at life with an open perspective to find solutions to problems. We each were given eyes to see and a mind to think; to transform our problems and obstacles into opportunities.”

4 Icons

“LOOK at life with an open perspective to find solutions to problems. We each were given eyes to see and a mind to think; to transform our problems and obstacles into opportunities.”